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Shipping and delivery

Shipping Information:

We offer digital marketing services to clients globally. Our services are delivered electronically and do not require physical shipping.

Delivery Timeframe:

Upon successful payment, our team will initiate the service delivery process within 15 business days. The exact timeframe may vary based on the specific service package selected.

Service Delivery:

Our services are delivered digitally through email and online platforms. Clients will receive communication regarding service initiation and further instructions via email during the payment process.

Client Cooperation:

Prompt and accurate information the client provides is essential for smooth service delivery. Delays may occur if client-provided details are incomplete or inaccurate.

Delivery Confirmation:

Clients will receive service delivery confirmation via email and any relevant login credentials or access details, where applicable.

Shipping Charges:

As we provide digital services, no physical shipping is involved; hence, no shipping charges are applicable.

Refund Policy:

We strive for client satisfaction. However, due to the nature of digital services, we do not offer refunds once the service is initiated and delivered.

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